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Bright credentials and a brighter future :

The Indian economy has witnessed tremendous growth in the recent years. The whole world now looks up to India, hoping to be a part of our growing economy. Growth has also boosted infrastructure projects like roads, ports, convention centres, railways, etc., especially logistics and infrastructure.

As compared to global growth statistics, logistics facilities in India still have a long way to go. Presently, to maintain growth, it is necessary for logistics companies to gear up raip (?) if they are to provide the necessary support, it should be above 20%, as GDP growth today crosses 9%.

The India logistics market is, at present estimated to be around 13% of GDP; which will continue its growth patch for the next 15 years. However, fragmentation of the India logistics industry is a looming concern, specially the large number of single truck owners without an organized setup.

At Credence, we have decided to focus on and provide integrated synchronized movement for the bulk industry, which needs immediate attention to reduce cost and improve services.

Here is how we make this a reality:

Our fleet is equipped with the latest vehicles tracking system which enables 24X7 tracking of customer’s cargo.

We are process driver, following systems like: Total Production Maintenance (TPM), Six Sigma, ISO 9001 and Economic Value Added (EVA) working.

We keep constant vigil on cost and ensure that it is within reasonable limits using an Activity Based Cost (ABC) application; to ensure we offer cost-effective logistics solution to our esteemed customers.

To integrate ourselves within the growing Indian economy, we have decided to expand key areas like: coastal shipping, containerized cargo, gases & liquid transportation & warehousing distribution.

We are strongly determined to provide cost-effective customized solutions to needs and succeed in our growth strategy.


Credence Logistics is always dedicated to service and does not believe in Just in Time. It rather believes in Before Time Delivery. Credence Logistics is adding values & commitment to provide a complete set of logistics solutions services required for the corporate companies. Credence Logistics matches the needs of its customers for its world-class superior services. Credence Logistics is company that can serve any need and provide solutions that help our customers to realise their dreams.

Credence Logistics has its own fleet of Volvos, trailers, barges & dredgers. Apart from that it hires a hundred of trucks on attached basis from the market everyday for movement of material. Credence Logistics has its branches at different strategic locations all across the country to handle the distribution for long as well as short distances, Credence logistics is specialised in transportation of liquid oxygen, steel product & bulk cargo.

Credence Logistics handles the movement of Bulk material by close association with Indian Railway Headquarters & divisional offices to different parts of India & it is unique for its door to door delivery through multi modal logistics solution.

Credence Logistics is a pioneer in Coastal movement of Steel product by providing door to door delivery by chartering the Vessels & MBCs. It is specialised in providing hassle free customs documentation, cost-effective port services like clearing & forwarding, stevedoring, dunnage & choking, lashing etc

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